Has the amalgamation issue gone mainstream?

Judge for yourself. Here’s the latest Tui billboard at Pandora Pond in Napier.

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  1. that is brilliant!! Certainly it will stimulate conversation about the amalgamation issue.

  2. I can never understand why businesses / brands who survive on the patronage of locals become involved in such issues. Very little up-side with plenty of downside. While I know Tui isn't reliant on the Napier market, I still think this makes no business sense. Mind you, I think the Tui billboards, while brilliant in their day, are way past their use-by date. Now a very tired concept. Strange considering how often they change their (highly targeted – and, I assume, successful) TV advertising. As for this particular billboard: it's bound to make a difference – yeah right.!!

  3. Stuart, it appears you appreciate the Tui ads when they support your views, but look on with a jaundiced eye when they support a growing tide of local opinion. If you are offended then perhaps you could give us your views on how HB should be governed. The present situation of 64 elected members representing 160,000 residents is a nonsence–and you know it. I challenge you to name just one region in NZ that has a representation of 1 for approximatly every 2,500 residents as HB does. All the current arrangement has bought is duplication x 5, stagnant growth in both population and opportunities and internecine warfare on a regular basis. If you are happy with the current arrangement then just say so. if you think we deserve something better than the status quo then let's have your thoughts in writing, and the reasons for them.

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