What a shame!

Rosie Belford can’t run for Hastings District Council from the Havelock North ward.

She’s intelligent. Loyal. Responsive. Super energetic. Charming. Fast on her feet. Born of a long line of Kiwi forebears (and with family ties reaching back to Ireland, you know she’d make a great politician).

She has the interest, the will and the know-how to run a smart, effective campaign.

She would represent her constituency faithfully, some might say, doggedly.

But just because she’s a dog, she can’t run for the Council.

And that means, with only three business days left in the filing period, only ONE candidate, Robert Jarvis, is currently slated to run in the Havelock North ward for the two seats available. This is all the more remarkable because one incumbent, Dinah Williams, is definitely not running, while the other incumbent, Richard Jones, has yet to declare officially (though he indicated his intention to run in a recent Village Press column).

Shame on us humans. We don’t seem to care enough about local affairs to mount a serious campaign — one involving genuine choices — in Havelock North.

Well then, we have no standing to spend the next three years whining about decisions by the HDC we don’t like … do we?! Let’s have pay parking and traffic lights too!

I’m thinking of voting for Rosie anyway as a “write-in” candidate … just to protest the lack of choice in the Havelock ward. Want to send a message? Vote for Rosie.


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