The loan guarantee window at the Napier City Council is open for business.

Last week the Napier Council, on behalf of Napier yachties ratepayers, graciously extended its guarantee of a $750,000 loan taken by the Napier Sailing Club to finance its Northern Beach redevelopment project.

Apart from the dress code, it’s not clear what criteria other applicants will need to meet at the NCC loan guarantee window. But I’m planning to go in and give it a shot … as soon as my double-breasted blue blazer with brass buttons gets back from the dry cleaners. I have this great concept for an attraction featuring trained dolphins.

Is this what Rodney Hide means by insisting that local councils stick to “core business”?!

Tom Belford

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  1. Seeing the ratepayers are liable if the Napier Yacht Club are unable to make their loan repayments, can we ask how the yacht club intends servicing this loan ?

  2. Ask Mayor Barbara, she's a longtime bonafide member! Trusting all is above board and she declared having a Members "pecuniary interest"?

  3. If "a fool and their money are soon parted", then who's the dropkick who keeps giving the fool their money in the first place?

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