Some candidates so out-classed their opposition in this year’s local body elections that BayBuzz thought they deserved special recognition.

Here are our 2007 Election Campaign Awards …

Most intimidating candidate: Derek Brownrigg, scared away any opposition; Runner-up: Barbara Arnott, scared away any serious opposition

Most punch drunk winner: Lawrence “I thought they liked me” Yule

Most surprised loser: Richard “Maybe I should have put up a sign or two” Jones

Best billboard presence: Liz Remmerswaal, soon to appear atop Sheer Elegance

Best able to overcome bad press: Tie: Maxine Boag & Keriana Poulain

Best “send a message” candidate: stormin Simon Nixon

Best stealth campaign: Wayne Bradshaw

Best campaign song: Clifford Church, Nowhere Man (The Beatles); Runner-up: Ewan McGregor, Take Me to the River (The Commitments)

Most disappointed loser: Karen “Just missed the cut twice” Cooper

Most creative billboard: No worthy entrant in this category

Most obstreperous candidates’ forum: Hastings Grey Power

Best candidates’ forum: Making Waves, for their “speed-dating” format

Best campaign orator: Henare O’Keefe

Best beard: Bruce Bisset (also nominated for Best Leather Coat)

Most confused candidate: Robert “I didn’t really mean to run” Jarvis

Most emotional candidate: Keriana Poulain, following a less than favourable HB Today councillor rating

Mr.Teflon Award: Lawrence Yule, to whom little stuck, despite being the lightening rod for every conceivable gripe from Hastings District voters

Adopt This Candidate Award: Mick Lester, for a safe landing in Hastings Ward

Worst single-issue campaign: Clifford “Dolphins Forever” Church, manages to lose two campaigns at once

Best single-issue campaign: Harry “Dolphins Forever” Lawson, good enough to edge Robin Gwynn

The “We Should Have Run in Hastings Too” Award: Barbara Arnott & Neil Kirton, both of whom got more votes than Lawrence Yule

Worst technical faux-pas: HDC electoral office for not modifying the Havelock North Ward voting papers to exclude the late scratching Robert Jarvis, possibly costing Richard Jones his seat

We don’t want any special accomplishments to go unrecognized. So if you’d like to bestow an award, please let us know.

Mark & Tom

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