In our second review of local body billboardship, BayBuzz ‘compares and contrasts’ two very distinct efforts.

First up, Liz Remmerswaal – Regional Council candidate, Hastings ward.

* Liking the colour. A pleasant mix of nashi gold and Trade Me yellow.

* Clumsy sentence structure:“Liz Remmerswaal for Regional Council”. Read as is, Remmerswaal endorses the status quo at Regional Council.

* The upside of a king-size surname is you can justify a king-sized billboard. The downside is you run the risk of leaving no room for aspirations, slogans or credentials.

Overall, BayBuzz have mixed feelings about such austerity. At a stretch, voters could read ‘small on rhetoric – big on results’, yet the lack of any mission statement (though not an isolated case) assumes the entire Hastings constituency is au fait with one’s campaign. Yet in that case, why billboard at all?

Compare that with incumbent Napier City councillor Mark Herbert’s effort:

* A factual matrix.

* Bin the thesaurus. The bullet points all mean the same thing.

* Considering candidate mug shots are posted with voting papers – the no photo approach is a no brainer; tantamount to anonymity.

We’re underwhelmed. This effort smacks of incumbent apathy. “Common sense…Can-Do…Practical…” Voters would be comforted by such pragmatism – if Herbert were applying for a job as a fencing contractor. The billboard reads like a cross between an Outward Bound flyer and the fulminations of a Lutheran minister.

Before election votes are tallied in mid-October, BayBuzz will select a best and worst billboard from all our reviews to date. We’ll be interested to see if there’s any correlation between final vote counts – and where we ranked respective candidates on the billboard food chain.

Happy campaigning!


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