Napier City candidate Dave Pipe provides us with our next billboard review.

* BayBuzz (and possibly voters) are perplexed as to which council the candidate is running for.

* We’re ambivalent about Pipe’s soupstrainer. Potentially, voters could go either way: be assured by the police officer, or disillusioned by the used-car salesman.

The spartan nature implies the incumbent banks on his (indeterminate) constituency to connect the dots. Not altogether a bad move if one’s tenure speaks for itself – yet BayBuzz think it’s difficult to find virtue in vagueness.
The moustache (peculiar to Napier candidates), would better suit a real estate agent; put the face next to “Dave Pipe Can Sell Your House!”

Indeed, the redundant nosebeard remains an enigma – will it be the trump card, or joker?


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