Why is Winston Peters tolerated by Kiwi voters and politicians?

How can a Labour government that kicks a Kevin Atkinson out the door turn around and kiss the behind of a Winston Peters?

Here is a guy who’s a joke … an embarrassment.

He has either a very faulty or very selective memory when it comes to matters of public integrity.

He has at best dubious ethics or no sense of propriety, deliberately choosing over and over, it appears, to skate at the edge of the ice.

He has flaunted the findings of the Auditor-General regarding repayment for past electoral finance violations.

He views the media as an institution to threaten and bully.

And he represents New Zealand abroad … working wonders for the NZ “brand.”

I understand coalition government. But wow! Aren’t we supposed to be inspired by our elected officials? Can Helen Clark possibly be proud to have Winston Peters on her team?!

Can someone, anyone, explain to me his contribution to the public good?


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  1. Winston bubbled to the top because he is the only one that can "Maori Bash" and be accepted by both Maori and Pakeha alike. Perhaps the oldies in Tauranga will finally get tired of his duplicity and move forward, my fingers are crossed.

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