Hawke’s Bay issues made it to Parliament yesterday, as Minister Chris Tremain was questioned on both the Regional Council’s dam proposal (by Green MP Eugenie Sage) and, at the very end, on amalgamation (by Labour MP Annette King).

Video here.

Clearly Mr Tremain needs to read more than Andrew Newman’s Powerpoint presentation on the dam!

Tom Belford

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  1. It’s great to have this on tape and all credit to Chris for unequivocally answering the questions. But has he dug himself into a hole?

    While he claims the Regional Council has ‘consulted widely’ on the dam project I don’t think many ratepayers know the debt will balloon 530% to pay for it. And his claims of $154m equity growth, and $250-300m in exports, come from the wand of Andrew Newman, and his team of dam-cultists.

    Many people have questioned the economics of the Ruataniwha dam, like Rod Oram’s article, but HBRC are sticking to their fanciful projections. (It reminds me of the Sports Park when the projected income included holding the NZ Athletic championships every second year?)

    And ‘not one’ constituent has voiced their concerns to the Honorable Member for Napier ?

    But good on him for saying, ‘My colours, as local MP, were firmly stapled to the mast (of amalgamation)’

    But if, as Minister of Local Government, he allows a unified Council to be imposed on the people of Napier against their wishes, his political career could be over. (He’s said he wont be a list MP)

  2. Then again, not knowing, as yet, what the people of Napier wish, Chris Tremain may very well get returned in 2014 with an even larger majority to represent Napier.

    After all, the very thought of a Labour Green coalition government gives me the willys.

  3. What bothers me about the dam project is Maori have been consulted, Obviously our Regional Council knows what is going on, Chris Tremain knows but it is the people that will pay the rate increases who are left out of the loop. Why is that? I for one am against this dam because as a ratepayer, I am feeling the affects of the recession and I don’t want to take on any more expenses. The Regional Council can’t even get their act together on a 10 million dollar office building which wasn’t needed. And Chris Tremain wants to bring jobs to Hawkes Bay by taking money out of the ratepayers and taxpayers pockets. No creativity, only stealing from ratepayers. Recession Recession Recession. Politicans are out of touch and need to be reeled in.

  4. I have read the transcript from Chris Tremain’s answer in the house and note the projected numbers were also quoted on the front page of HB Today on Saturday.

    I would really value more information on those how the returns were calculated so that we can all have a better understanding. Could Chris please let us know their basis? Thanks.

  5. Chris’ answers on the dam were, quite simply, wrong. One just has to talk to those on the so-called ‘consultation group’ to know that true consultation didn’t occur, the Tukituki will not be better off (just talk to Fish and Game for the real low-down on this), and the number of jobs created is pure fantasy.

    As for amalgamation, Tremain’s legacy as local government minister may well be the disestablishment of Napier as we know it – but not if I have my way.!

  6. “And ‘not one’ constituent has voiced their concerns to the Honorable Member for Napier ?”

    Prior to last election our last conversation ended with – “You know Collin, National has done so many good things, you might just have to put up with one thing you don’t like”

    Why would i go back now to voice concerns?
    as far as i am concerned lights are on but no one home!!

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