Angela Hair of Baywatch is organizing a Christmas clean-up of the lower Tukituki this coming Sunday, December 20th. Please help out if you can.

Heaps of rubbish have accumulated in the Red Bridge area and elsewhere — from beer cans to abandoned cars.

(I don’t think Angela is expecting us to carry the car away … are you Angela?!)

Gather at 10am at Red Bridge (park at the access point at beginning of Kahuranaki Rd) or at your favourite swimming hole.

If you are cleaning farther up the river, meet Angela outside Huggett’s Place at 11.30am to arrange taking the rubbish to the landfill.

Bring gloves, recycle bins and rubbish bags and your togs for a swim afterwards.

Recycle or reuse what you can!

As Angela says, “The river has lots of water in it after all the spring rain. Now is the time to swim, paddle, fish and enjoy this beautiful river of ours, before the irrigators suck it dry once more.”

Ring Angela Hair for more info at 874 7774.

Tom Belford

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