Councillor Maxine Boag reminds us that Napier City Council will be conducting informal public meetings around town to seek input into future directions for the metropolis.

Says Maxine:

Could you please publicise on BayBuzz the series of meetings the NCC is holding around the city over the next week and a half? The times and places are on the NCC website but the first one is Thursday 11th at 5:30 at Westshore School; then Monday 15th 5:30 pm at Taradale Town Hall; Tuesday 16th September 5:30 at Onekawa School, Thursday 18th Septmber 5:30 at Nelson Park school; and finally Monday 22nd September 5:30 pm at the Napier City Council Chambers.

There is a Proudly Napier insert in this week’s Napier Mail (not yet up on their website) posing some of the questions that could be asked, but basically they are going to be asking Napier people what they want for their city in the years ahead.

The Mayor will be explaining where the ratepayers’ money goes now and ask for input – informal at this stage, no power point presentations! – on what people want the city to look like in the next 10 + years.

Hope to see many of your readers there!

The Napier long term plan (LTCCP) will be revised in the months ahead, and the process will eventually entail an official draft plan and formal public submissions. But these September hearings provide an early opportunity to be heard and make a difference before NCC staff and Councillors begin narrowing the options.

Napier residents, take advantage of the opportunity. And THINK BIG — like how to manage growth and development, protecting Napier’s environment, coping with an aging population, fostering sustainability, setting broad spending priorities, identifying major infrastructure needs, keeping people healthy and safe. NOT small — where to put the next speed bump, the size of street signs or the price of dog tags!


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