Plans are in progress to for a Te Mata Peak working bee of massive proportions.

Over the last few decades, literally tonnes of rubbish and tyres have been thrown down the face of Hawke’s Bay’s greatest natural attraction, Te Mata Peak. The rubbish — washing machines, 44-gallon drums, sign posts and computers — is now spilling from the crevices and valleys in the cliffs onto the flatland.

Ex-paraglider pilot Johnny Ryan is planning the great clean-up on November the 13th. He’s already gathered great support for the huge project. As there are over a dozen “wheely bins” down the face, Waste Management have offered some help with trucks and helping hands, along with Craggy Range Winery, the local 4×4 Off Road Club, climbers, and the Hawke’s Bay Hang Gliding & Paragliding Club.

Mr Ryan is hoping to get more offers of help from local businesses and groups, as well as financial help to go towards hiring a helicopter to lower the tonnes of rubbish to a loading area on Waimarama Road.

If you would like to offer help of any sort, please email info@tematapark or call Johnny 06 8785560

Johnny took his family for a walk recently to look at the scale of the problem and shot these images.

Hope you can help out!

Tom Belford

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