Because this blog needs to move on to many more issues than the Kelt sports park, I am awarding myself this week’s Guest Buzzmaker column to give my “take” on the Hastings Council’s recent vote on that matter … and indicate what comes next.

The Kelt Park decision — and the manner it was arrived at — raises hugely important issues about how the public’s business gets done in Hawke’s Bay, and Hastings in particular. So my Guest Buzzmaker column will stand for awhile, hopefully to inspire some robust debate about governance in Hastings and its current cast of practitioners.

As our readers well know, BayBuzz has argued relentlessly against the current sports park proposal, and especially against the pretense that it is grounded upon a widely embraced regional strategy for addressing the sports participation, fitness and related social needs of our entire community.

I want to thank the literally hundreds of citizens who have communicated their concerns about the sports park to BayBuzz, encouraging us to speak out for them and challenge the proposal. I daresay that many more — and far more diverse — people have “submitted” their opposition to the proposal to BayBuzz than the small band of organised sporties — half of them cyclists panting for an elite facility — who account for virtually all of the supportive submissions to HDC.

In case any Councillors are under a misconception, BayBuzz, whether on the sports park or on any other issue, is not the voice of one or two individuals. It is the voice for thousands of area citizens who are “sickened” — to use one of Mayor Yule’s favorite words — by the now-prevailing style of “insider” politics and decision-making, insulated from the broad electorate.

And that voice is going to get louder.


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  1. Funny how it all works…..Huh!!

    This project, would have gained, the positive numbers for a majority, at a series of "ELEVENSIES" at an unknown persons, guest room, behind the scenes,

    I think it is called, finding the weakest link-'s and a series of rectum crawling events??

    Our Mayor calls it something, and welcome to politics

    So our city, is being run my way, or the highway, it seems??

    Well done, to those who voted against, you obviously, didn't bend…………………………………………….over.



  2. Is Lawrence Yule the George W. Bush of Hastings? While I remain convinced that this decision, however it was arrived at, is a huge mistake, naturally I can’t prove that. Only time will tell.

    Unfortunately, even if those of us who opposed the sports park concept are ultimately vindicated, it may well be too late to hold anyone accountable for the disaster, as those responsible for this appalling lapse of judgement will probably have moved on by the time the white elephants start coming home to roost.

    Can we not at least do everything possible to hasten that departure? Now is the time to start working on the next election. Let the Councillors know just how many voices BayBuzz can muster. Here’s mine for a start.

  3. After spending some time on the other side so to speak! The demented mentality of the them and us syndrome, Believing that they are the only ones that knows what's good for us and the only good ideas are theirs! I believe I can honestly put my two pennys worth in regards what the majority of elected representives -your paid servants think of you-the general public..

    At all costs Ignore them. Give um condecending lip service only. Treat um like mushrooms. Keep um in the dark and feed um (bull shit) bovine manure. Never have an idea of your own or ever, ever have the temerity to question the word of the CEO or council paid official. Never ever think for a minute you were elected to MAKE A DIFFERENCE FOR THE BETTER AND INTRODUCE NEW POLICY OR HELP SOME POOR RATEPAYER. At election time smile a lot and do the haunts service clubs grease up and promise the world! Rest of the time.- keep your head down- mouth shut and breath through your ears and you'll get re-elected.

    As one of worlds longest (serving) been " there" Napier city councillors said to me during Draft Annual Plan Public "Submission Hearings in 2003 " we have had 80% of Napier's nutters come through the door today". How true it suits greco quote of 1978 :

    Democracy is but a token gesture from the Haves to the Have-nots, giving them the impression that they are actually having a say in how the Planet is being ruled!!!!

    Little wonder Guy Fawkes name comes up in good conversation?

    Long may your blog keep on keeing on.

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