Well, he’s not as prolific as Martin Luther (who had 95 Theses), but Councillor Wayne Bradshaw has nailed his own heretical resolutions to the door of the Hastings Council, and maybe he’ll instigate a minor reformation.

On Thursday, the Council will consider a handful of resolutions Bradshaw has proposed to improve some of the decision-making processes used within HDC to manage its spending, and to foster collaboration among the Hastings, Napier and Regional Councils.

Language and details are still being worked out, but essentially the resolutions, as previewed last week during LTCCP adoption, would call for:

  • The Chief Executive to report by September on the second phase of his reorganisation program, which will address customer service, service effectiveness and financial management, and the potential for involving outside advisors to identify potential efficiencies.
  • The Council to set an overall savings target of 5% to be pursued over the next three years, with annual progress reviews.
  • The Chief Executive to review with Council the quasi-commercial activities of HDC, such as Splash Planet, the Holiday Park and various marketing activities.
  • Mayor Yule to formally invite the Napier Council to form a joint committee to give impetus to collaborative initiatives — such as shared services — to achieve cost and program delivery efficiencies; and a similar invitation to the Regional Council for a joint committee to encourage coordination of policy development and regional initiatives.
  • Mayor Yule to invite Napier Council to work with HDC to explore better utilisation of jointly held assets like the airport and Omarunui landfill.

If adopted, and then pursued in the spirit intended, these measures could yield important savings and efficiencies both within HDC and across the three Councils, benefiting ratepayers, consent applicants, businesses and individuals regulated by the Councils, and citizens affected by Councils’ program delivery effectiveness.

Hopefully the Hastings Council will embrace these proposals with enthusiasm, and move quickly to engage the other Councils.

Tom Belford

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  1. Hopefully all the Councils will embrace these proposals with enthusiasm, and move quickly. – yeah right.

    It makes so much sense they are bound NOT to do anything of a profound nature.

    According to Mare Barbara NZ Rail; is dead -lets build more roads. On the back of her clean air and the DHB well thought out involvements one can only speculate that 3 terms is one too many-both sides of the rivers.

    While talking water quality issues to the HBRC last week and of course mentioning the Tukituki , Councillor Scott was detemrnined to raise the issue of urban drains. The mind boggles sometimes at who we have purporting to represent us!

    Maybe next Local body election we might get a Baybuzz ticket going- or another making waves or even [dare i say it ] Green candidates !].


  2. It looks like Wayne has recruited Bill Dalton for the inter-city collaborative effort – with dreams of a Super City by the sound of things, according to this week's Napier Mail.

    I wish them all the best – we need to work more together, as good neighbours, all of us seeking the same outcomes for our people. It doesn't take rocket science to know that working harmoniously is the best way.

  3. Any super city idea so far in NZ has been instigated by businessmen, not by the community..

    Thank goodness Waitakere Mayor Bob Harvey with his peoples mayor's are not yet sucked into "a small power base",to beg for crumbs from the rich mans table.

    Heaps of goodwill is evident betwen Napier and Hastings,, and growing year by year, mainly through tourism As yet we do not have to sleep with each other.-God forbid ..- .

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