After Mayor Yule “nailed his colours to the mast” (as Councillor McGregor puts it) on the issue of amalgamation, we asked each Hastings, Napier and Regional Councillor to give their current position on the matter.

29 of 34 Councillors gave their opening views … some treading water, some jumping into the deep end of the pool.

Their comments cover the waterfront — “I’m relaxed” … “Super City Syndrome” … “Grasp the nettle” … “A total bun fight” … “Out of the blue” … “Long way to go” … “Right on” … “Shotgun marriage” … “Bigger is not better” … and the Councillor who heard from her Napier cuzzies in the 50s … “nay-PURE, hay-STINKS!”

You can read them all here, as well as the views of Mayor Barbara Arnott and Regional Council Chairman Alan Dick.

Plus, former Dunedin and City of Sydney CEO Murray Douglas and Hastings Councillor Wayne Bradshaw get some extra licks in.

Tom Belford

P.S. For some relief from politics … By popular demand and following sold out screenings in Napier … local filmmaker Barbara Sumner Burstyn’s This Way of Life will now screen on Saturday 12th at 4 and 6 pm and Sunday 13th at 4pm. Limited seating, last chance until next year. Call Century Cinema to book your tickets now: 06 835-7781. More on the film here.

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