After a few days of concerted lobbying and reflection, the DHB agreed at its Wednesday Board meeting to drastically speed up the decision process regarding future governance of Cranford Hospice.

The key issue to be decided is the future role, if any, of Presbyterian Support (PSEC).

Here’s the schedule:

  • Discussion paper into circulation — 18 June
  • First session of specially-appointed review group (Cranford Governance Development Group) — 28-30 June window
  • Feedback from consultation received — 16 July
  • Second session of review group to assess feedback and formulate recommendations — 20 July
  • Recommendations considered by DHB and PSEC Boards — 21 July
  • Public announcement — by 23 July

This is a far better timetable and will establish the needed ownership and accountability framework for Cranford going forward.

After pressure from Kevin Atkinson, Diana Kirton and others, it would appear that the special review panel will have significant community representation. Based upon Board discussion in public session of a resolution presented by Kevin Atkinson, its members — all names to be announced by Friday — will include:

  • Mayors Yule and Arnott
  • Two elected representatives of the DHB Board — with any luck, two who have been especially agitated about the Cranford situation
  • Two representatives of PSEC
  • Two medical representatives from the community — a GP and nurse experienced in palliative care

The Board discussed the final composition and individual names in public-excluded session, so confirmation of this arrangement awaits the next 24 hours or so.

Closure on future governance will provide some glimmer of light at the end of the tunnel.

But of course re-opening of Cranford Hospice is the outcome of greatest significance to the community. DHB CEO Kevin Snee emphasized that the re-opening would occur no later than November, and planning is proceeding toward that end.

Tom Belford

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  1. I have a cousin who was a nurse at Cranford, she assures me that all of the problems ended a couple of days ago.



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