Dr Snee,

Here are some questions I’ve been hearing over the past few days. Could you provide some clarification, please?

1) Who, what person — right now, this moment — is responsible for running Cranford Hospice’s outpatient care?

2) By what conceivable logic — to say nothing of basic sense of fairness and integrity — is PSEC’s appointed manager, Barry Keane, a key member of the management team that even the independent audit said stuffed up “change management” at Cranford, participating in the evaluation of Cranford nurses who might wish to be employed in the new regime?

3) Given that DHB can set the terms of its “service contract” with PSEC, when Cranford Hospice resumes providing in-patient care in six months (or whenever), can we assume that PSEC will no longer be involved? And, what is the role — today, as well as in the future — of PSEC’s chief executive, Shaun Robinson, in the affairs of Cranford Hospice?

Additionally, as you know, I have made an Official Information Act request to the Commissioner of Health & Disability’s office for copies of the draft audit prepared by that office, and shared for comment with DHB and PSEC, as well as supporting interviews and documentation (cleansed of personally-identifying information). Will you save me the 20 working days allowed for this request and give me DHB’s copy of the draft report? I can drop by at your convenience to pick up a copy.


Tom Belford

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  1. If any of you know Cranford nurses & support staff affected by the redundancy screening interviews commencing this Friday, please pass them this message:

    We are running a 2hr session for Cranford staff to get them prepared for their interviews as follows:

    Time: 5.30 – 7.30pm

    Date: Wednesday 19th May

    Venue: Room C117 Information Technology C-Block, EIT, Taradale

    All staff who want to brush up their interview skills, understand how best to perform in competency & panel based interviews, & bring their wealth of valuable experience to the fore at their interview will get plenty from this session, especially those who haven't being to a structured interview for a long time.

    The session is of course free of charge & we would like to thank EIT for their community support in providing the venue.

    Any queries, give me a call on 833 6465

    Steve Evans

  2. Now that is what I call pro-activity and common sense charitable thinking..well done , Steve Evans ..whoever you are?

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