By now, everyone knows about the independent audit of clinical practices and organizational health at Cranford. Here and here is our post-audit coverage.

The community is rallying behind the nurses of Cranford. They are the employees who actually provide the sensitive care that the community has treasured over the years.

And there is considerable distress that in-patient care at the Hospice will be suspended for several months while the institution is rejuvenated. Those most committed to Cranford and its tradition of nursing care are working hard behind the scenes to avert that step.

But as we said a few days ago, here’s the plain reality.

Each day that current management remains in charge of Cranford Hospice adds one more day of delay to the time Cranford can be successfully operated. Because the recruiting of medical staff must be preceded by the recruitment of a competent management team.

Remove the current Cranford management and our local medical community would rise to the occasion to provide the services needed to enable Cranford to offer the quality care the people of Hawke’s Bay have come to expect.

What everyone fondly perceives as “Cranford Hospice” must be removed from the control of the present management team … ultimately that means removing PSEC entirely from the equation.

At this point, the defining test of any champion of Cranford is leadership in: 1) keeping the in-patient service functioning at the Hospice, which is only feasible with new management; and 2) effecting the liberation of Cranford from PSEC. Anyone willing to lead that campaign – Mayor Yule, Mayor Arnott, Kevin Atkinson and the elected DHB Board – will earn deep appreciation from the community.

The next few days are critical if in-patient care at Cranford is not to be switched to the hospital. You can make your views known to the decision-maker, DHB Chief Executive Dr Kevin Snee. Email him here:

Tom Belford

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  1. The management of Cranford hospice and other outside parties involved in the restructure strongly advocate and insist that the process available to existing staff members who wish to reapply for positions will be transparent and without prejudice. How is it then that Cranford's director of nursing, Sandra Sanderson, has seen fit to shoulder tap certain staff members, but not all, within the last few days encouraging them to submit applications. Ms Sanderson will be on the interview panel.

    The process she has chosen to adopt appears to me to be anything but fair and just. It is, however, highly indicative of the behaviour that is ingrained and rife amongst the management of one of our most iconic and well regarded local institutions.

  2. Having rad Penny Jacob's comments, I agree with george –One down and THREE to go.

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