“Unless you drive an Art Deco style truck – give Marine Parade a wide berth.”

That’s the message from Napier mayor Barbara Arnott who yesterday led her council to a 10-4 vote to ban non-deco rigs from thundering through the busy boulevard.

The landmark decision comes after years of heated debate from moteliers and nearby businesses that claim the parade’s “industrial ruckus” caused by increasing truck numbers and tonnage undermine the gentrified amenity.

“The development of a tourist ethos on the parade has for decades clashed with freight going in and out of the Port of Napier,” said Mrs Arnott. “Council are committed to provide a robust infrastructure for the Art Deco brand, hence mandating a single-styled truck [see picture] allows for a limited rumble more in keeping with deco’s Roaring 20’s.”

Council’s road asset manager, Jon Schwass, said anyone ignoring the new bylaw could face fines of up to $500, receive a life ban from any deco celebrations and be forced to watch Hastings’ Blossom Parade in its entirety.


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  1. I regret to inform we tested that model of truck in the late 1950's, & unfortunately came to the conclusion that to operate it, you would have to have " La Batts in le Belfry".

    The main issue was that in the event of rear end collisions, instead of 'getting in behind", the following motorist would ride right up over the top, and crash down onto the cab, killing the driver.

    At last count, there were more victims than those claimed by the 1931 earthquake, & the 1951 watersiders strke combined…

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