Our regional and local councils must make decisions of major consequence to the well-being of Hawke’s Bay residents. Sometimes the stakes are huge!

Does this make you a bit uncomfortable?

Here are some issues your local elected officials might address (or have already addressed). As you go to sleep at night, which of these issues give you the greatest anxiety to see left in their hands? And which one might they handle brilliantly?

1. Introducing pay parking in Havelock North
2. Extending the airport runway
3. Allocating water rights
4. Dealing with noise complaints about the Taradale clocktower
5. Developing Ocean Beach
6. Developing anything
7. Choosing a “sister” city
8. Cleaning up the Tuki Tuki
9. Banning woodburners
10. Stifling graffiti
11. Protecting the safety of cyclists
12. Getting heavy trucks off Marine Parade

Other __________

If you’re worried about how your Councillors are dealing with any of these, what are you doing about it?

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