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  1. Time for Change – while there will not be a change in HBRC for Hastings this time, one can only hope there will be a change of attitude in the seating members or the Tukituki River will lost in next 3 year term.

    Keep them on guard Tom

  2. Tom asks for polite comments! While it is hard to get elected it would seem that it's a dam site harder, once elected, to get voted off. It is hard to work out just what voters use to tick boxes. For many I suspect it's simply name recognition. I doubt that 'issues' influence many voters. Given the Regional Councils track record it is obvious that 'the record' of councillors is still something that is largely unknown.

    I would have thought that Baybuzz may have made a difference, and maybe it did, but until there is a movement, supported by a lot of people, not a lot will change I fear.

  3. So it's more of the same ay? It's extremely disappointing and worrying that with the issues identified during the election it appears that we'll keep going down the same tracks of 'economics' at all costs – especially the environment. I guess it's up to those of us who were looking for a change in attitudes to keep monitoring and commenting, and supporting those voices who are at the table. When do we get MMP in council elections?

    Thanks for the hard work and intelligent analysis Tom… it's made for a better campaign but seems we're not ready for a forthright American in the provinces yet – even less so than an Aucklander!

  4. HBDHB – I wonder how many of those 2000+ informal votes were meant for me?

    On a serious note; I picked 6 of the successful candidates, though it amazes me that people would vote for a man who puts lotto balls on his billboards. Obviously, Mr Dunkley and his supporters turn a blind eye to the impact that gambling has on the health dollar.

  5. I’m proud, humbled and pleased but disappointed I’m the only new Napier City Councillor this time. However, I carry with me the passions and hopes of the other candidates as well as the people of Napier, whether they voted or not. To my fellow candidates I say you’re all good people with great visions for Napier and I’m glad I’ve gotten to know you all over the past couple of months. Kia kaha & keep doing what you is much appreciated. Maybe we’ll see you in 2013?

  6. One small bright spot was Michelle Pyke getting onto NCC; negative was Anne Wilson booted off HDC. Swings and roundabouts.

    The bottom line is that the "owning network" has the majority tied up, and the only way change candidates will succeed (en masse) is by bringing in new voters. Which means that a hell of a lot of hard work has to go in (starting more-or-less now) to cajole/impassion/empower the 60% of non-voters this time to get off their posteriors next.

    On that note, a small cheer for Napier CC's "vote now" ads over the final few days of the campaign… but it was too little too late.

  7. Congratulations to those who made & commiserations to those who didn't.

    My hope is the re-elected HBRC are not smug with their success but move with the changing environmental consciousness brilliantly expressed in AL Morrison's recent speech.

    HDC business could be dominated by the amalgamation issue at the expense of nuts and bolts but let's hope the new members are independent thinkers.

    Most of all I hope all elected representatives work hard, attend the meetings, and serve the electorate.

  8. Ka mate te kainga tahi, ka ora te kainga rua

    We need to ensure that the regional resource co-governance relationship between Iwi and Council provides real power to the People.

  9. Personally, I think it is a great shame that Murray Douglas was not elected for the Regional Council.

  10. It's very sad to see such a low turnout and such a resounding vote for the status quo rather than for change. Hamiltonians voted for transparency and open, inclusive local government. Aucklanders voted against the friends of central government. Maybe it will be our turn next time.

  11. The “real people” of Napier? Those elected aren’t real people? They weren’t elected by real people? Oh please. It is amazing how disenfranchised people make themselves out to be. To live in the Hawkes Bay is a privilege beyond proportions – try living overseas to see how others struggle to make ends meet with USD1 a day, the destruction of the environment, the endless working hours and the lack of freedoms. And we sit here and talk of how the re-elected council dont represent the “real people” of Napier, where we are able to live a dream life in comparison to most that walk this planet. Sorry for the strong reaction Graeme – as you may have some very just individual reasons for the statement, but I really think we do need a dose of relativism sometimes.

  12. A few of us voters have the odd concern to assist to better support our own communities in preference to the costly failed incarceration,with the growth of new prisons now tending to divide our nation.
    Therefore with unsuccessful Napier candidate Graeme Taylor, who offered his council salary to support a full time sports co-ordinator for Maraenui, I am sure the likes of K.Clarke will understand my great disappointment.
    Anne Wilson Hunt from Hastings, (a brilliant youth advocate) possibly lost her seat to some councillor who appealed from his or her business acumen.?
    Please stay around you many “bright peoples people candidates” who were unsuccessful this time up.- only 3 years till the nextlocal body election.!!

  13. Well, regardless of what anyone might say…………….the vast “majority” of the people that actually bothered to take the time ( 2 or three minutes?) to cast their VOTE! Got what they wanted! And the whole bang lot of “hollow” headed morons who never bothered – FAILED THEMSELVES AND OTHERS MISERABLY to vote- got what they deserved. For all they might have to say….I say- best they go piss against the wind!

    To ALL the people that had the intestinal fortitude to stand! Good on you- H B needs YOU!


    David Bosley

  14. Agree with David. To those that did stand "good on you". As much as I may disagree with the "centre" of a number of candidates' platforms, at least they had the conviction to stand and be counted (Tom and others), as against the rest of us who continually whinge about things (and how disenfranchised we are)without having the gumption to do something about it.

    As for the final result, well thats democracy. We are all "real people" with differing views, and for those that are unsatisfied with the result, please dont assume that you know to any better degree what is best for the community. Whilst the voter turnout was a little disappointing, it is still a quorum… and the community spoke.

  15. In the main, the same vested interests voted for their appointed representatives, as they did three years ago, while over 50% of those who could have voted, just shrugged their shoulders, knowing full well that only central government can implement real changes, the local tiddlers just nibbling nervously around the existing legislation, with one eye fixed firmly upon Rodney Hide.

    Ho, hum.

  16. Recently i received an email from a Napier City Councillor, to suggest i correct the misinformation i had posted on BayBuzz. (Thanks Cr,) am so sorry.

    You, Pat Magill, stated,on Baybuzz that aspiring candidate Graeme Taylor offered to donate his council salary towards a…Maraenui Sports Coordinator. What Graeme offered, my Cr was right, was the first #5000 of his salary. On the basis that a councillor will be paid approx $100.000 over the next 3 years, that is just 5% of his salary.

    Well i guess i was enthusiastic as Graeme Taylor did have other charities to support as Project K. and hoped for petrol tokens to support my mahi in Maraenui for whanau activities.

    However it should be recorded, that many Napier City Councillors continue to support the Sensible Sentencing Trust" "lock them up and throw away the key"

    Therefore my enthusiasm did bubble over, when Graeme Taylor, from his vast community experience, favoured his community as worthy of his support.

    To Anne Wison Hunt, again still keep your head down,you are too valuable to become a "show pony for votes "Your support base will ensure you are voted in next time.- you are too valuable to leave out of the Hastings District Council. or any other council.

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