Here are some other articles from the latest BayBuzz Digest raising issues you might want to think about as you ponder your candidate choices in our upcoming local elections. It doesn’t sound like any of these folks are saying “stay the course”!

Anna Lorck says THE only issue is amalgamation. Could it be that she’s on Lawrence Yule’s cheerleading squad?

Her Chamber of Commerce pal Murray Douglas talks about the councils’ role in stimulating economic growth. He sees councils at worst as simply staying out of the way; and at best as catalysts, not hands-on doers.

Matt Miller, not infected by Murray’s sour view of councils, thinks they should champion economic development, and thinks they should be promoting conditions that are favourable to “growing ideas.”

But other guest writers have other priorities.

Angela Hair and Phyllis Tichinin are focused on the DHB, which they believe should be far more pro-active in promoting healthy nutrition in the region. They want to know what DHB candidates are prepared to do about that.

And Jacob Scott thinks the councils are timid and restrained — constipated is the word that comes to  mind — when it comes to supporting the arts and the cultural community, and wants to see them to pick up their games.

However, the award for most pessimistic appraisal of the political situation goes, as usual, to Tim Gilbertson, who laments the “wholesale decline” and “steady downward spiral” of provincial New Zealand. He might be referring to that Tukituki water that runs by his place in CHB.

Tom Belford

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