Heavy winds that buffeted the region yesterday have again hit Bay filo-pastry outlets in the pocket.

According to Jason Heaven, general manager of Heavens’ Bakery in Taradale, filo products are fast becoming a “pastry of the past” in an increasingly windy province. “Visiting families flock to Hawke’s Bay with the intention of eating outdoors, yet they often make the mistake of purchasing filo pastries during a stiff southerly and step outside the bakery only to have their baklava obliterated in front of the children. It’s not pretty,” he said.

The limitations of the delicate wispy pastry were originally highlighted by the devastating effects of cyclone Bola in 1988.

In an attempt to salvage the industry, Hawke’s Bay Inc tourism manager, Kris Larner, is urging bakeries across the province to provide more indoor seating, and to issue warnings with all filo items sold.


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