September 4 marks the 60 day anniversary of the Hastings Council’s 8-5 endorsement of the regional sports park. You’ll recall that Councillor Anne Wilson stepped into the role of protector of the public interest in the project by proffering several conditions the Mayor accepted to win her vote.

Here is the exact language of one of those conditions:

Bi Monthly Public meetings in the Council Chamber to update the Community. These meetings are to be facilitated by Hastings District Council but are to include representatives of the Regional Sports Park Trust and Project Management Team. The facilitation of these meetings will include an ability for written questions from the public to be answered. Minutes and a summary document of these meetings will be placed on the Hastings District Council website.

This Thursday, September 4th the Hastings Council will be meeting, exactly two months to the day since the sports park was greenlighted. Per the above-cited condition, the public is due its first bi-monthly report on the progressing of the project.

We eagerly await Thursday’s report, as promised by Councillor Wilson and her colleagues. Where do I send my written questions?


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