While some pundits are suggesting the NZ economy is already turning around for the better, this article in yesterday’s Herald cites a study indicating that Hawke’s Bay is one of the four hardest hit regions in the country.

Noting that economic output fell four times greater in HB than in other regions like Wellington and Marlborough, the article says these differences “… were magnified by variations in social ‘risk factors’ such as sole parenting, multi-family homes, low home ownership, low education levels and concentrations of workers in the ‘elementary occupations’ of labourers, machine operators and shop assistants.

The combination of output drops and social risk factors produced the ‘highest risk of suffering during the recession’ in Hawke’s Bay, Gisborne, Manawatu-Wanganui, Southland and Auckland.”

So it’s not surprising that columnist Elizabeth Sisson, in her latest BayBuzz Digest article, Food Banks Need Help, tells us that Hastings and Napier food banks are struggling to meet demand.

Read her article to get the full story, but here’s the bottom line as to how you can help. Please make a point this weekend of doing whatever you can to help the hungry …

The banks need canned food, sausages, bread, cereals, baked beans, spaghetti, fresh produce, soap, toothpaste, toilet paper, nappies, household cleansers – a regular shopping list of items. Local supermarkets both donate goods and encourage shoppers to donate by providing space for collection bins.

To donate directly to the Hastings Food Bank, phone the bank at 878-0530 or place donations in the bin at the New World supermarket in Hastings.

To donate to the Napier Food Bank, leave donations at any of the following:
• Donations bins in local supermarkets
• St. Columba’s Church, Gloucester St., Taradale from 9.30am-noon
• Chris Tremain’s electorate office in Station St., Napier
• The Community House, 62 Raffles St., Napier
• BNZ offices in Napier and Taradale
• Or phone the food bank at 835-3370 to arrange drop-off or collection.

The Napier Food Bank also welcomes tax-deductible financial donations directly to its grocery account: BNZ 020766 0026618 02. A tax receipt can be provided.

Thanks for your help.

Tom Belford


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  1. At the recent AGM meeting of Napier Grey Power Incorporated. A motion I put forward that "donations" be made to "worthy" well deserving community based groups, in need of financial help, got "unanimously" endorsed by all members present. A lady associated with the Napier Food bank was also present and spoke. Hopefully, that worthy organisation, will have by now received a generous, much needed donation?

    In such hard, pressing times- I respectfully urge all other Napier Incorporated Societies with any "discretionary" funds, to do likewise.

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