This edition rounds out the year for BayBuzz Digest. We’ve published ten issues this year, with each edition usually focusing on a regional theme … like education, health, or the Bay’s land-based economy. Each full issue is available at (look under About Baybuzz).BayBuzz Digest wouldn’t be possible without heaps of help, first and foremost from my wife Brooks, who has done everything – write Arts & Lifestyle articles, edit copy, manage production & distribution logistics, sell ads, do the bookkeeping, and bring good taste to bear. Grow Advertising handles the Digest design, while Mogul is responsible for the BayBuzz website. Thanks to all you guys!Then there’s the writing. I do much of it, but I’m assisted by a small army of volunteer guest writers to whom I’m massively indebted. The “regulars” include Mark Sweet, Elizabeth Sisson, Brendan Webb, Roy Dunningham, Tim Gilbertson and Andrew Frame. And dozens of others, including many of our elected leaders – from a wide range of political perspectives and issue interests – have contributed occasional articles presenting their views and insights. Some have even disagreed with BayBuzz!We’ve also had growing support from advertisers. Altogether, we’ve had 38 different advertisers this year, with many repeats. Not bad for having no dedicated ads salesperson (note: we’re looking for one!!).If I may be frank, I think advertisers come to BayBuzz Digest because: a) thanks to all that writing help, it’s an intelligent publication that appeals to people who actually like to chew over serious issues (and all the research says that strong editorial is the best platform for effective advertising); and b) their ads get noticed in BayBuzz, where we limit advertising to about 30% of the space.We hope to expand circulation next year, resources permitting, with a goal of doubling distribution to 20,000 homes (that’s the circulation for this issue).With respect to resources, BayBuzz – the Digest and the website/daily blog – is supported partly by advertising and partly by contributions. And I’m not ashamed to say … we need more of each!If you advertise in any other publication in the Hastings-Napier environs, you should be considering BayBuzz, print and online, instead. All the necessary details are on the BayBuzz website.And as an individual, if you want to support feisty “watchdog journalism” that provides in-depth coverage of local and regional issues – and effectively nips at the ankles of our elected officials – then open your pocketbook and make a contribution. All of us will be deeply appreciative (well, maybe not the politicians). You can contribute easily online on our website. Or drop those BIG checks in the mail to: BayBuzz, PO Box 8322, Havelock North 4157. Many thanks to those who have contributed already.As you know, 2010 is a local body election year. It’s a hugely important time for BayBuzz to be in the thick of it, covering the issues and candidates with a depth and persistence that no publication in the Bay will match, full stop. But that will take more resources than we have today. So, advertisers and contributors, we need your help.Whether you help underwrite our efforts or not, we encourage you to give us your feedback. For awhile now, we’ve had a reader survey available online for this purpose. Almost 300 readers have given us terrifically useful feedback, and a few have cursed us out. So, if you haven’t yet done one or the other, go to (you’ll see the survey link right on the home page) and give us your assessment and suggestions.BayBuzz Digest will take a brief sabbatical ’til February, but our daily blog will remain on the watch, but for a few holidays off.I hope you enjoy this edition. And my apologies if you’re not on the Top 100 Buzzmakers list … maybe next year!

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