Last time I looked, the Tukituki flowed a good ways through the Hastings District.

You wouldn’t know that listening to the deafening silence from HDC Councillors on Tukituki pollution and water withdrawal issues.

Here are their “positions” thus far:

  • Mayor Yule: he’s mentioned water quality and availability in general as a sustainability issue … maybe to be addressed by his sustainability exercise
  • Cynthia Bowers: ??
    [But at least she can claim a conflict of interest … Environmental Action Woman still has to share her waders with Ewan McGregor]
  • Norman Speers: ??
  • Mick Lester: ??
  • Kevin Watkins: ??
  • Margaret Twigg: ??
  • Anne Wilson: ??
  • Keriana Poulain: ??
  • Henare O’Keefe: ??
  • Wayne Bradshaw: ??
  • Mandy Kimber: ??
  • Rod Heaps: ??
  • Robert Burnside: ??
  • Deborah Turner: ??
  • Derek Brownrigg: ??

No doubt some of these folks would be happy to leave this hot potato in the hands of the Regional Council, the body with regulatory and enforcement authority over HB water issues.

However, HD Councillors are supposed to advocate the interests of their district and their constituents (who swim, fish, kayak, picnic and take water from the Tukituki), are they not? They should be as upset as their constituents about the laxity of the Regional Council on the matter of the Tukituki’s health. Maybe they should take a field trip to the Waipawa and Waipukurau wastewater treatment plants, like MPs Foss* and Tremain did.

The Regional Council is preparing a report on the Tukituki’s health and associated issues for its next meeting in February.

Would it not be appropriate for the HDC to publicly communicate some concern to their Regional Council counterparts while this review is taking place? Some things can’t wait for summer recess!


P.S. To make a public comment on this article, click on its headline. *MP Craig Foss called for “Water Guardians” in this media release earlier this week …

National MP Craig Foss is calling on all those who use our waterways to become a ‘Hawke’s Bay water guardian’ this summer.

“At this time of year many of us chill out beside and in our streams and rivers. We must ensure that our children and grandchildren are also able to carry on these traditions,” says Mr Foss.

“Sadly, there are some in our community who use and abuse our regional assets. They should be named, shamed and punished.

“The Regional Council is responsible for monitoring our waterways. But they have limited resources. We can all pitch in by keeping an eye out for, and reporting, dumped rubbish, blocked waterways, unusual discolorations, in fact anything that could damage our stunning rivers and streams,” says Mr Foss.

Mr Foss says people can phone the Council’s Pollution Hotline on 0800108 838. The Pollution Response Team is on call 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

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  1. I read with interest HB Today March 31ST growers await water take rules.The growers say they want more water,HBRC have already said they have over allocated water, and growers say some have taken more than they are legally allowed.I say to that that there allocation should be taken off them.Water takes equal or less than allocated have been approved, applications for more water have been approved now part A and part B they have to be joking is HBRC not happy until it is all gone, don't expect our river to clean up any time soon as the flows get lower and lower. I have been fishing them for 55years and seen them reduced to weedy sticking messes,These rivers belone to everybody in NZ what gives the HBRC the right to give them away. Next year it will be plan C and D to give away more.HBRC SAVE GUARDING OUR ENVIROMENT YEAH RIGHT.

  2. I think there is strong need for a Independent body protect New Zealand’s Rivers , the Councilors and HBDC are sadly lacking
    The Rivers will shortly become low flow polluted land drains and this is from a Country which sells its Dairy and produce on the back of clean green image. Yeah right
    The HBRC should impose far stronger controls on water allocation ,and work reduce allocation with a policy of buy back excessive water allocation,not a fudge part A and B etc.
    The Rivers of Hawke’s Bay are one of the regions prime assets and are in need of urgent care and attention

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