Here’s a chance to have your say about pending national legislation regulating liquor … and the position the Hastings Council should take in the submission that Councillors are preparing.

Councillor Wayne Bradshaw has pulled together a public forum for all interested residents throughout the Hastings District to discuss the legislation and the submission.

It’s this Thursday the 2nd, 5:30 pm at the Havelock North Community Centre.

MP Craig Foss will be the principal speaker. Joining him will be:

  • Bob Gordon, Senior Sergeant, NZ Police
  • John Lovatt, HDC Liquor Licensing  Officer
  • Dennis Oliver, Leader of the Havelock North Community Patrol

While certain matters will be dealt with uniformly at the national level (e.g., the drinking age, drink driving alcohol limits), whatever legislation emerges from Parliament will also further empower local governments with respect to regulating liquor sales in their communities.

At the Thursday forum, you can learn what’s in the legislation currently, and decide what instructions you’d like to give Hastings Councillors as they prepare a submission on our behalf. This is an issue — and forum — for all of the Hastings District, not just one or two communities.

Especially if you believe NZ alcohol regulation needs to be tougher, Thursday’s forum is an important opportunity to have your say.

Tom Belford

P.S. BayBuzz thinks the proposed legislation needs to be toughened. Here’s what we posted earlier.

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