We note that Labour MP “RocK” Barker was first in with the sledgehammer to begin demolition of the Hastings Courthouse. We have to ask … was he wearing his suit?

Apparently Barker is handier with a sledge than a mouse, considering his recent experience trying in vain to boot up Minister Parker’s global warming Powerpoint presentation a few weeks ago at the Havelock North Community Center.

Speaking of hammering, sources inform us that onlookers had to intervene to prevent fisticuffs between National MPs Craig Foss and Chris Tremain last week outside Napier’s GinTrap. It seems the trouble started when Tremaine insinuated that he was doing more heavy lifting than Foss when it came to “Backing the Bay.” Fortunately ruffled feathers were smoothed when Tremaine conceded that Foss’ truck was cooler.

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