Enviroschools is a nationwide program whose aim is to effect long-term behavior change toward sustainable practices by empowering students to plan and take action in their schools and communities.

Twenty-four HB schools participate in the program.

Yesterday, in a formal but fun ceremony attended by about two dozen student representatives, the HBRC presented nine schools with awards recognizing their achievements in the program. The winning schools have designed and implemented creative programs to recycle, compost, plant gardens and native trees, and educate students’ families and communities about sustainable lifestyles.

Winning Silver level awards were:

  • Hastings Intermediate School
  • Nelson Park School

Winning Bronze level recognition were:

  • Eskdale School
  • Argyll East School
  • Taradale Primary
  • Tutira School
  • Mangaorapa School
  • Central Hawke’s Bay College
  • Napier Girls High School

Listen to these young people and their concerns and commitment, and you understand why environmentalism is now a mainstream value, here to stay.


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