Lindisfarne College students have injected the latest media technology into the Hastings mayoral campaign.

And they have produced the FIRST EVER video press conference for a Hastings mayoral election.

Year 9 students in Matt Kidd’s media studies class first prepared brief video introductions to key issues in the campaign — Ocean Beach, revitalization of Hastings CBD, the fate of SplashPlanet, support for the proposed regional sports arena, recent approval of windmill farms in the region, and the introduction of large-format retailing to the Nelson Park site.

Then the three mayoral candidates were videotaped at a “press conference” responding to the video pieces and the questions they raised. Hats-off to candidates Lawrence Yule, Simon Nixon and Peter Nee Harland for participating enthusiastically in this exercise.

Now their responses have been posted on YouTube for the parents, relatives and voters of Hastings District … and indeed the world (!) … to view. Here’s a convenient, at-home opportunity for the electorate to get an “in-person” look at the candidates as they address tough issues important to the future of Hawke’s Bay.

In fact, you’ll see and hear the candidates present some ideas here on BayBuzz that we’ll bet you haven’t heard from them before. BayBuzz … Bee in the know!

Each issue video is about 4-5 minutes in length, and includes the
introductory video plus the responses from each candidate on that
issue. Use the following links to get to the YouTube “home” for the

Click here to view the entire collection, or click on the individual titles below to see a specific video. [Don’t be misled when you see one face on the YouTube icon … each candidate appears on each issue video.]

Ocean Beach
Hastings CBD
Regional Sports Complex
Windmill Farms
Conversion of Nelson Park

Congratulations to Head of Department Matt Kidd and his Year 9 Lindisfarne students for bringing the latest in “citizen journalism” to Hastings elections.

And parents … with the work they did, I’ll bet these guys can put you to shame in terms of knowledge about these important local issues and where the candidates stand!


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