Per an appeal from HDC, here’s how you can help the clean-up effort …

Hawke’s Bay residents are called upon to help in a large-scale coastal clean-up for flood damaged areas such as Waimarama.

The coastal community was devastated by floodwaters during last week’s downpour, which caused residents to be evacuated, debris to clog drains, and silt to pile up on roads and properties.

We want a legion of passionate Hawke’s Bay locals who are willing to volunteer some time to help residents in need clean up their properties.

People who can help out either this Saturday or Sunday (or both) should register your interest by phoning the Hastings District Council on 871 5000 or using this online form.

Those who have registered are asked to be at the Council building in Lyndon Road, Hastings by 7.45am at the latest. And bring either a spade or a shovel and even a wheelbarrow if you can.

Buses will transport volunteers to Waimarama, where you will work alongside residents to clean up flood damaged property before returning to Hastings by 5pm.

Food and water will be provided during the day, but volunteers are asked to bring your own gumboots, gloves and a drink bottle. The work will be physically demanding, so volunteers need to be reasonably fit, and it may not be suitable for children.

Due to the state of Waimarama Road it is important that all volunteers travel on the buses that will be provided, and not try to make your way there independently by car.

Hastings Mayor Lawrence Yule says “Hawke’s Bay residents have shown in the past they have big hearts and are prepared to support fellow residents during difficult times. This is a co-ordinated effort which is designed to do the most good for Waimarama residents in a short time and help them get back on their feet quickly”.

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  1. Waimarama is munted to use one of Bob Parker's favourite words.

    The bridge is gone and we're using a temp courtesy of the army.

    The Marae is badly water damaged.

    The Hall was flooded and is now in danger of falling into the river.

    The main Reserve sand bank is breached and open to the sea.

    Many houses in Gillies Ave were silted to their window sills. Some Waitangi Road houses were all but washed out to sea, and that's where the Arini Rd Reserve toilet block now sits forming a new Terakihi habitat.

    People have lost their cars and trucks and bikes and carpets and furniture. Some are insured, many are not.

    Horses were swept away, and sheep and cattle, and some farmers didn't have time to release their dogs from their kennels.

    We're all traumatised, to greater and lesser degrees, by the scale of destruction and disruption, and loss.

    Response from Civil Defence, HDC and Assessors has been rapid and effective. Clearance and repair is happening fast. And a hoard of neighbours and whanau and friends of residents were helping one another out in the weekend.

    But there's still a lot to clean up so the help initiative is very welcome.

  2. The clean-up organised for this weekend in the Waimarama area is a fantastic idea. My back will not survive a day of shovelling but pushing a broom and moving people and stuff with my 4×4 light truck should help.

    I have an interest in erosion issues and have become a follower of weather information as it affects our coastline. We get adequate warning of high seas but they seldom get a mention in the paper or on the radio. I have read about coastline damage including the Waimarama seawall in need of repair.

    Without causing alarm, there is a moderate ocean swell event forecast from tonight (Friday 6th) and peaking on the high tide between 8:30pm and 9:00pm tomorrow (Saturday 7th). The swell at Ocean Beach is forecast at 2m from the ENE. The direction is significant however the swells are rated moderate and the tides are only 1.6m. This will lessen any impact on the upper beach.

    With the high seas at night time and many people currently cleaning up areas close to the beach, being prepared might be of some help.

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