Hastings Councillor Henare O’Keefe: Enough Is Enough!

Watch Henare deliver his Guest Buzzmaker message in person right here.

“It’s time to stand up as a community and say enough is enough! We are not going to stand for this. We are taking our streets, homes and communities back. We will never wave the white flag … we will not fold up into the foetal position and go away. The time is now. Join us to take a public stand and let the hikoi declare that violence in any shape or form is unacceptable.”

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  1. After the Hiko: Where to ?

    Flaxmere Sunday School – Why not just send them to 'Sunday School' there are many wonderful churches in the Flaxmere and Hastings area. I believe they will achieve more than the programme you suggest/ alternatively 'please don't call it Flaxmere Sunday School', Drop the 'Sunday' in the name. Going to church to attend 'Sunday School' will be cost effective i.e. nil $$$ and one would get to know their neighbour hood and support within it. Send them to all the churches 'Sunday School'.

    Looking for funding: Money would be well spent doing research on all the programmes already funded within HB, many work with at risk youth. It is sad to hear of a local sucessful youth provider in Flaxmere who had to downsize their operations due to lack of funding. Why not build onto the success of such groups, best than re-inventing the wheel. Lets get behind all providers who contribute to the wellbeing and safety of Whanau, Haapu and Iwi.

    I attended the hui held at Te Aranga Marae. As my mahi involves working with the community our organisation recieved mixed feedback.

    Fully support the kaupapa, and good on Henare for initiating such a hui for our COMMUNITIES. Their needs to be emphasis on COMMUNITIES, don't just COMMUITY.

    Recent events; ie. Senior Gang members are not able to control the activities of their own members , in reference to the terrible violence that happened to our whanua in Bridge Pa,. At this family gathering there were individual gang members present, it is a sad day when they could not intervene to stop this violence as the perpertrators disregarded the wisdom given to 'stop' by their senior colleagues. How can the communities feel safe? –

    Good to hear that Lawrence Yule met with the Gangs, BUT has he met with all the victims? But he feels good, good on him if that is what makes him feel good. Feed back from a victims whanau, this doesn't make them feel good.

    Community members where hesitate to 'speak out', when I asked why? response was. 'Look who's here, they know us, we can't speak out. )they referred to gang members who where present.

    I then asked, what would you suggest. response: A hui for the victims and their whanau and their community, without those affiliated to the violence. They felt safe having the Police present, but still they were afraid to speak out. My personal thoughts, they had no opportunity to speak out, even if they wanted to., due to how the hui was structured.

    Henare, you said this is 'A political', how come the politicians present got the first opportunity to speak. Great opportunity 'huh'? Election time coming up. But this is 'A political', yeah right, make a good tui add. don't you think?

    sign off now,

    keep up the good work Henare and Des , and may the Lord continue to bless you with love health and energy to continue to spread the gospel.


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