In budget hearings last week, Hastings Councillors heard appeals from community groups for $240,000+ in additional spending … over amounts already indicating a 5%+ rates increase.

Here are some of the projects for which funding was requested:

  1. Christmas/New Year’s Festival of Lights at Showgrounds – $25K
  2. Surf Lifesaving (for Ocean Beach & Waimarama) – $15K
  3. National Maori Music Awards at Opera House – $15K
  4. Alzheimer’s Society, toward property purchase for community day care service – $20K
  5. Kelt Spring Racing Carnival, for marketing support – $50K
  6. Sustaining Hawke’s Bay Trust, for sustainability programs – $20K
  7. HB Healthy Homes Project, for insulating 50 houses – $20K
  8. Takitimu Festival, for Maori arts & culture festival at Showgrounds – $40K
  9. Hastings Riding for the Disabled, contribution toward capital improvements – amount unspecified
  10. Hastings City Marketing, for various CBD improvements – amount unspecified
  11. Hastings Exhibition Centre, for additional general support – amount unspecified

You be the Councillor! Take this quick survey to tell your Council colleagues which projects, if any, you would prefer to fund. Spending ratepayer money is fun!


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