BayBuzz has argued that the measurement test for clean water used by the HB Regional Council has been determined by Councillor Ewan Mc Gregor’s standard — “If I can see my toes, it’s OK.”

Councillor McGregor says we have it all wrong. He’s organised a field day for anyone who wants to get the ‘truth’ about the Tukituki. It’s not clear whether he plans to take his shoes off.

From Councillor McGregor …

Look Tom, you’ve got it all wrong. I actually posted that photo, where ever it was, to show off my feet, not the Tukituki (although, admit it, it actually looks pretty good). I have a female acquaintance who has proclaimed them to be the sexiest feet she has ever seen.

But talking of the Tukituki; you’ve had a lot to say about its state, and fair enough – that is, fair that you have your say, not necessarily fair as to your criticisms. Well, I’m just concerned about that wonderful river as you are, but seek to match concerns with solutions.

For that reason I am, with HBRC and CHBDC support, organising an afternoon for the 2 February to look at what is being done – or not done – and planned, by the councils, and dairy farmers too. (Programme pasted below.) I hope BayBuzz readers will take advantage of an on-site inspection, hear expert opinion*, and offer any suggestions they may have. This is an exercise in information, not public relations.

And talking of solutions, what should the Regional Council do to fix Lake Tutira? We have purchased the land in the catchment and destocked it (and naturally ceased topdressing), allowing regeneration and planted trees. Yes, if there’s a health problem it’s a worry and needs addressing, but a suggestion as to its improvement, other than the need for greater clarity in public information, may help.

As a footnote, Guthrie Smith, who died soon after the 1938 storm, went to the grave believing the lake was doomed. (See page 16 of Tutira.) Notwithstanding the current problem, if he could see it today he would be delighted.


Ewan Mac

Media Advisory – Wastewater & Dairying Info Public Field Trip

A public information day is planned for Thursday, 2 February 2012 to look at measures to improve water quality in the Upper Tukituki River. This will look at current water quality, proposals to remove Waipukurau and Waipawa wastewater from the river, and a visit to a dairy farm in Central Hawke ’s Bay. The day is being facilitated by the Regional Council in conjunction with the CHB District Council and organised by Hawke’s Bay Regional Councillor, Ewan McGregor.

The emphasis is to impart information on site, and to engage with the public in open discussion.

Timed to start at Shag Rock at 1.00pm – midway between the Tamumu and Patangata Bridges – there will a presentation from the HB District Health Board and the Regional Council. This will be followed by a visit to the Waipukurau oxidation pond, and to view the Regional Council’s forestry block a short distance up Mt Herbert Road .

The day will conclude with the dairy farm visit.

Further information will be publicised during January 2012.

From Baybuzz …

*Buyer Beware! The “expert opinion” will be supplied by council staff.

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