Saturday’s arse-clenching southerly had Magpies’ fans worried.

And rightly so, as hopes of witnessing Fame at McLean’s first competitive streaker were dashed after the inaugural exhibitionist invaded the pitch fully clothed.

The philistine’s fully clad sprint in front of the Electrotech Dancers sullied a proud Kiwi tradition, and tarnished the names of all who had run before him.

BayBuzz had no choice but to disqualify the man and conceal his face (left) – his effort not deserving of the cred of a naked cameo.

Now to be fair, we timed the dash at 27 seconds – not bad for a man (apparently) at the end of his stag do. We were also pleased he succumbed Gandhi-like to his captor (right), as per BayBuzz rules, ie, once caught go peacefully.

One can guess as to why he chose to remain covered…yet southerlies aside gentleman, Fame at McLean isn’t a battle of the tackle. The rules – like the home team’s strip – are black and white. A naked appearance is a condition of entry.

BayBuzz will have camera in tow again at this Saturday’s game against Southland: C’mon the Bay, let’s lift the bar.


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  1. Tom dear chap,regarding naked exposure at McLean Park. Currently in the 'climate' we live in here in Hawke's Bay you would probably have move chance of naked exposure @ the rugby than you would have in your visits to various coucil meetings. A place where naked exposure rarely is witnessed. It seems the council's 'private parts' are not for sharing with us. So much of what needs to be exposed would be classed as 'indecent exposure. '

    Just wait until the sewage issue is taken notice of by the media.

    Did you here about the man who fell in the heavily poluted lower Tukituki recently -he could not swim but he went thru the motions.

  2. Guy wearing a long, brown trench coat around young, attractive cheerleaders / dancers?

    EEEWWWW!!! Dodgey!!

    What was even more stomach churning was the front page news the other day.

    The exposure!

    The degredation!

    No, not the parking meter piddler (someone had to take revenge for the council greedily selling off the free car parking area used by all our hard working cbd staff, I suppose).

    I'm talking about Councillor Cocking, oiled up, wearing nothing but a pair of budgie smugglers and a Berty-esque smile.

    Shirley Masterson (Shirley Eaton) in Goldfinger he is not!

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