Our Cranford Hospice article, Dying in Hawke’s Bay, is one of the most in-depth articles BayBuzz has published. Writer/reporter Mark Sweet and I spent in the neighborhood of sixty hours pulling it together. We interviewed seventeen knowledgeable insiders in depth, some repeatedly, and an equal number informally. And we reviewed a range of documents and web resources … many of which you can find below.


Because perhaps there’s no more iconic and beloved public service institution in Hawke’s Bay than Cranford Hospice. One that has touched thousands of families over the years, and with a blossoming senior citizen population, will touch even more to come. An institution that receives 30% of its annual funding from the generous donations of the community. An institution that’s broken.

Since November we’ve received numerous requests – pleas, in some cases – to look into what was described as a seriously dispirited facility. Dysfunctional to the point that caregiving might be compromised.

What we’ve learned is indeed cause for concern. But we’ll leave it to our article, Dying in Hawke’s Bay, to make that case, supported by the online materials below you can review yourself. [More Complaint documents are being scanned… check back.]


Libby Smales-Karen Lum Media Statement, Dec 2009

Richard Grey Letter to HB Today (unpublished) 29 Nov 2009 – Cranford Dilemma

Statements of Smales and Colleagues to Presbyterian Support Board, Sep-Oct, 2008

Anonymous Email to Baybuzz, January, 2010 — from Cranford staffer, including memo with complaints to Presbyterian Support Board

Letter to BayBuzz from Sally Ritchie — Cranford Hospice, Feb, 2010


Open Letter from Ron Hall, Chair, Presbyterian Support

PSEC Response from Shaun Robinson, CEO, Presbyterian Support — asserts inaccuracies and imbalance in BayBuzz’s Dying in Hawke’s Bay article

Memos to Cranford staff from Barry Keane & Sandra Sanderson (Dir of Nursing), Nov, 2009 – re media attention/contact and response to complaints.

General background:

NZ Palliative Care Strategy 2001
The current government policy guiding palliative care in NZ.

What is the LCP – Healthcare Professionals Nov 2009
Information on the Liverpool Care Pathway, the regime adopted by Cranford Hospice to prescribe care (in Cranford, other care-giving locations in the community, or in-home) in the final days of life.

Review of Management and Leadership Functions and Structure at Cranford Hospice, Harper/Devine consultant report, August, 2007 (Warning: 9 MB file)

Hawkes Bay Cancer Services Plan 2006 — “Plan to Promote Improvements to Cancer Service Delivery” prepared by Diane Keip, August 2006

Re-thinking PalliativeCare Provisio: Toward the Concept of Partnership Presentation by Barry Keane

Cranford Hospice website

Presbyterian Support website

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  1. To ensure public confidence and peace of mind i think it is time for an independant, transparent investigation into the matters of Presbyterian Support and their handling of "our hospice" Cranford. Whilst i agree that the DHB should be the avenue for this inquiry i question whether some current members of the DHB could be considered suitable to undertake such an inquiry on our behalf. Having sat for hours by the bedside of a dying and much loved family member i cannot commend highly enough the standard of care and compassion displayed by all the staff, under the leadership of Dr Kerryn Lum, towards our loved one and indeed ourselves. Nothing was too much trouble and our lasting memories are of a peaceful tranquil place. The loss of such highly respected and dedicated staff must be a concern to us all. Presbyterian Support need to remember the hospice is about people -medical staff, volunteers, families and patients not "outputs". there's an old saying "if it aint broke dont fix it".

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