In the remote event that you haven’t caught up with it yet, here’s the video of John Key’s appearance on the David Letterman show (you might have to endure a commercial first).

I’d score his performance a “10” … not so much for John Key, he’s not a “natural” as a comedian, but definitely for New Zealand. It doesn’t hurt at all that Letterman introduced the PM by citing Conde Nast rating New Zealand one of the top five places in the world to visit for each of the past six years.

The humor (I’ll stick with the American spelling under the circumstances) was classic Letterman/American — perfect for his audience.

To Americans looking from afar, NZ comes across a bit as “the little engine that could” — pint-sized, but noble in intentions, positively striving, gloriously endowed with natural beauty, and deserving of goodwill.

And if all Kiwis are like Jemaine and Bret, they must be damn likable!

Tom Belford

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  1. I think Key did quite well. Although the way it had been spun in the lead-up, I was expecting him to be given the full interview treatment, which would have been far better exposure (and hopefully helped some of the audience realise just where the heck we are on the globe), over-all not too bad.

    He would appear to have a bit more nouce, sense of pathos / irony and dare I say common sense than your average National member from the previous half century.

    #$%^! Did I just say something pro-National??!! I need a lie down..

    P.S. How many others now expect The Green Party's share to increase with the departure of Suee Bradford?

  2. "Sue Bradford.Green M.P" a small correction to Andrew Frame.when he (for what ever reason ) spells Sue,as Suee.?

    For Sue, or against Sue,as a politician who followed her heart, was very intelligent,on social and enviornmental concerns, Sue Bradford never had to bullshit,( like many politicians)," to win a vote".

    Perhaps out of respect for this outstanding, departing politician, Sue deserves Sue ,not Suee,?— (as per Frame not Framer) Magill, not Magoo)!!!

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