I’m a founding member of Transparent Hawke’s Bay, which has been working about a year now for more accountability and transparency from our local councils. To date, THB has concentrated on the Regional Council’s handling of the CHB water storage scheme and plans for managing the Tukituki, but the aim is to hold all councils more accountable on major decisions.

On behalf of THB, I invite you to join us for …

Knees Up … a night of dancing and general frolicking

Friday 22 November, 7pm
Clive Hall

Tickets $30/person — BYO grog and dancing shoes, supper provided

Your contribution will help  Transparent Hawke’s Bay work for:

  • Greater accountability from local government
  • Open access to council proceedings, processes and information
  • Effective public consultation about major public decisions, such as the dam and oil & gas development

Contact Pauline Elliot, Liz Remmerswaal or Phyllis Tichinin for tickets. Please try to order tickets in advance so we can better plan for supper.

To order tickets:

Pauline: pauline.elliott@clear.net.nz    021 2804 050 or 835 0373

Liz:  lizrem@gmail.com    027 3331066  or  877 7596

Phyllis:   PETichinin@slingshot.co.nz   0274 651 906 or 874 7897

Or make a donation to:

Transparent Hawke’s Bay Inc     ASB 12-3144-0245035-00

Thank you for your support – we really appreciate it!

Tom Belford

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  1. Now that you are on the regional Council, Tom, are you going to make sure that the public is fully informed on matters that affect them? Some starter question would be:
    1. In regard to Plan change 6, is there any certainty that the level of Phosphates and nitrates in the Tukituki can be brought down to a level that controls the algal growth?
    2. What proportion of the cost of the Ruataniwha Water Storage scheme will end up being borne by ratepayers and taxpayers?
    3. Is the figure of $260 million dollars used by the Regional Council the true cost of the dam and associated works?
    4. Can you list for us all the subsidies that the Regional Council pays to Farmers, eg for Riparian planting, fencing off streams, planting trees on erosion-prone land, updating septic tanks to name a few?

  2. I’ll do my best Ian.

    Chairman Wilson has committed to a public briefing for councillors on the dam and Tuki issues. The questions you pose should all be addressed during such a briefing.

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