A welcome announcement today, bringing to three the departures triggered by community complaints about the dysfunctionality and direction of Cranford Hospice.

Cranford’s executive director, Barry Keane, “resigned” today, following in the footsteps of former Presbyterian Support Chairman Ron Hall and PSEC CEO Shaun Robinson. He will leave Cranford Hospice by the end of June.

Said Keane: “I have valued greatly the opportunity to lead Cranford Hospice during a time of considerable change – not least in the way that we understand the role of a modern hospice and how it serves a community. However for me this has been a family decision and it is a good time to move on to other things.” Here is PSEC’s full statement.

Commented DHB CEO Kevin Snee: “The…audit report of Cranford Hospice identified a set of issues that undermined patient care and the DHB would ensure those  recommendations were implemented in full. Progress is being made and the DHB will make sure that Cranford Hospice gets back on its feet and become fully operational again.” Here is Dr Snee’s full statement.

What next?

As reported by BayBuzz earlier this week, the DHB Board on Wednesday will consider a process for reviewing and settling the future governance of Cranford and the role, if any, of PSEC going forward.

BayBuzz will keep you posted.

Tom Belford

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  1. Plaudits to http://www.baybuzz.co.nz for a well-handled investigation and continous feedback on a very un-neccesary situation as the PSEC/ Cranford fiasco…fair makes me want to start another newspaper.

    Take a bow , Tom!

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