Yesterday the Regional Council got some plaudits. Today it’s the Hearings Committee of the Hastings Council to receive appreciation.

From Anne Marsh, a strong supporter of the Springhill Addiction Centre in Napier.

As most of you know, the DHB wants to re-locate the facility to a former rest home opposite Cornwall Park in Hastings. Springhill advocates like Anne hope this move is temporary, as they would prefer to refurbish the existing centre.

In any event, the notion of “addicts” moving into one’s neighborhood causes all sorts of concerns, leading to the classic “Not in my backyard” reaction. It should be noted that Springhill’s existing neighbors are amongst the strongest supporters of keeping the facility where it is. That’s powerful testimony on behalf of community-based rehabilitation.

Here’s what Anne has to say:

“I’d like to congratulate the Hastings councillors on the smooth and respectful resource management consent process I have been witnessing the last two days on the drug and alcohol centre Springhill’s proposed move to Tomoana Rd. There have been a substantial amount of submissions against the move and everyone has been listened to respectfully.
At this point I do not know what their findings will be, however whatever their decision, I’d like to applaud their careful and thoughtful questioning of both those for it and those against the move. They also showed deep concern that Springhill will be able to continue the excellent work it currently does for those with drug and alcohol addictions. I was deeply impressed that they visited Springhill in its current premises in Napier so they could compare facilities. The seriousness of the move for Springhill and future clients as well as for the neighbours in Tomoana Rd has been given full weight.
Well done!”

Anne Marsh

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