Since my return to the Bay five years ago, no demographic has been more apparent by its absence than the cyclist.
I moved from Wellington, where neither the climate nor topography support the unlikely scores of business folk that wheel their way to work every morning. (Incidentally, my bike was recently stolen, hence me driving to work today and berating those that don’t pedal can for the time being, coalesce on the same page).
We heard earlier this week a car ploughed into three bikes in Havelock North: ramming home the fact cyclists are the forgotten road-user in this province. And it’s not just insurance companies wincing when it happens; every time a light aluminium frame spars with half a ton of steel (and makes front page), bikes stay in the shed. And that’s as injurious to cycle numbers as our love affair with the car.
Yet paradoxically, getting more bikes on the road is a crucial cog in changing our mindset.

I say it’s all about inspiration, so turn on the tele, and gaze upon the beauty that is the Tour de France. That wondrous Gallic phantasmagoria of pedals, podiums and pile ups. Commuters, take a leaf from their book, get outdoors, save money and keep Al Gore happy while easing (waistline) congestion.

To kick start the commuting challenge, I’ve included the official breakfast recipe for the 2007 Tour de France – kindly supplied by its governing body, the Union Cycliste Internationale (UCI). Enjoy, and I’ll see you and your two wheels on the road.

“Yellow Jersey Smoothie”

Mix following ingredients in a blender for 30 seconds

1 banana

1 cup orange juice

2 dessertspoons Nandrolone

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