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The HB Regional Council will conduct a public meeting on its management of the Tukituki River system. It’s set for Wednesday, March 12, 7:30-9:00 pm, at the Havelock North Community Centre.

Critics of the Council’s Tuki management pressed for this session, where the data and assessments of Council staff will be presented and, most importantly, openly challenged by the public. HBRC CEO Andrew Newman will participate, along with pertinent planning and science staff.

HBRC Councillors have been urged to attend as well … though Councillor Alan Dick advised his colleagues … go, but listen to the public … sit in the back of the room and shut up!

BayBuzz also urges Hastings District Councillors to attend. For some of you, it’s your constituents who are raising the alarm about the sorry state of the Tukituki. It’s time for you to catch up. For others, you might learn why the HBRC doesn’t think there’s enough water to vanquish the thirst of 1,000 houses at Ocean Beach.

We’re grateful the HBRC has organized an evening meeting to maximize citizen participation. It’s our job to make full use of the opportunity. Be there … coffee and tea provided!


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  1. Ratepayers in Auckland took a stand and boycotted payment of their rates when the council tried to raise them so exorbitantly. Council had to listen.

    Maybe it will take this from the ratepayers of Hastings before the mayor actually takes notice and realises it is we who pay for him to represent us – lets see our money being used in a way which we want it to be!

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