We’ve already featured the articles is the latest BayBuzz mag that focus on the serious side — Hawke’s Bay’s disturbing social profile. Pretty heavy reading.

But we’ve covered some other ground in this edition as well. Here are those articles, all now available online for downloading, forwarding or commenting.

We’ll start off with Play Some ‘Stones Ya Wankers, by musician Andrew McKenzie. Andrew looks at the Bay’s live music scene.

And here’s a shameless plug. Andrew’s band, Golden Curtain, will be playing at the Cabana this coming Thursday the 26th. C’mon you BBuzzers, show him some support!

Lizzie Russell gives us an overview of the health of the Bay’s creative community in State of the Arts.

Kathy Webb reports on the Matariki ‘Living Taonga’ Awards, a first-time honouring of the Bay’s Maori community champions.

Keith Newman offers the first installation of his new Tech Focus column, this time looking at the explosion of audio and video Streaming Content offered via broadband internet connections.

In Gnashing Of Teeth, humourist Brendan Webb once again updates us on the thickening plot of local government reorganisation, with the machinations of Lawrencus Yulus and Barbarous Arnottus now further complicated by The Steward of Gnash.

Finally, back to the more serious side, as Claire Hague, in The Tail That Dogs, looks at an issue that continues to vex — addressing the the educational failure of too many of our children.

And in her column, Empty Nests And Familes Apart, Kay Bazzard looks at the challenges and heartache faced by aging parents whose children have scattered to the winds.

Be inspired, provoked or amused by our July/August ‘back of the book’ articles.

Tom Belford

P.S. You can read the entire magazine here, exactly as printed.

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