Making Waves, spearheaded by Angela Hair and Terry Creighton, is a citizens’ initiative aiming to encourage the election of more accountable and more environmentally-sensible candidates to local councils. Today MW releases its endorsement list for the Hastings District Council.

We’ll get to the endorsed candidates in a moment, but first a few words on what Making Waves is trying to accomplish.

First and foremost, MW is striving to provide voters with relevant information about the candidates’ views on two critical themes in this election — 1) accountability and responsiveness of councillors to their electors; and 2) the commitment of councillors to protecting HB’s environment and natural assets. MW offers this information “straight from the horse’s mouth” by publishing verbatim on the MW website the responses of cooperating candidates. You can read and judge for yourself the candidates’ responses to MW’s questions at

Second, the MW team, which includes knowledgeable advocates for accountable government and the environment here in the Bay, has assessed the submissions of candidates, interviewed many, attended and sponsored candidates’ forums, and considered the track record of incumbents running for re-election. They’ve invested scores of hours looking carefully under the bonnet. Based on that intelligence-gathering, Making Waves has endorsed some candidates.

The fact is, most voters know little about the candidates, especially the non-incumbents, and will have little time or resources to do their own digging to learn more. For those voters, MW provides a guidepost to making informed choices. If you care strongly about accountable government and/or protecting the environment, you can trust MW to point to the candidates who most reflect your values.

Here are the candidates recommended by Making Waves:

For Hastings District Council seats …

Incumbents: Rod Heaps, Mick Lester, Keriana Poulain, Tim Tinker.

Challengers: Bruce Bisset, Mandy Kimber, Myles Lythgoe, Anne Wilson.

For Napier City Council seats …

Incumbents: Robin Gwynn, Tony Jeffrey

Challengers: Maxine Boag, Caroline Lampp, Lani Morris

For Hawke’s Bay Regional Council seats …

Incumbents: None

Challengers: Odile Balas, Alistair Bramley, Mike Halliday, Liz Remmerswaal, Joan Ropiha

Collectively, this is a great team that can be counted upon to
champion accountable government and a sustainable environment in their respective councils. Twelve of the eighteen are non-incumbents … Making Waves expects they will “raise the bar” if elected. Read about the MW-endorsed candidates, especially the challengers
who might be more unfamiliar to you, and get other relevant issue
information, right here:

If you find nothing on a candidate on the MW website, the candidate has chosen not to respond to the Making Waves questionnaire. Of course it is their prerogative to refuse to engage the voters through the vehicle of Making Waves.

But I submit that any candidate who doesn’t deign — or isn’t smart enough — to respond to a responsible citizens’ group seeking to inform the public on issues important to so many voters, doesn’t deserve a second look. Fact is, more voters will visit the MW website before the election is over than will attend any candidate forum. The unresponsiveness of some candidates to Making Waves is simply a warning sign for how unresponsive they will be if elected.

Please give your consideration to the Making Waves endorsed candidates.


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