I set out on a simple mission last night. I was looking for the email addresses of the Chairpersons of the Maori Committees that advise the Hastings, Napier and Regional Councils.

If you visit the homepages of these Councils’ websites, there is no mention of Maori representation or issues. You might as well be looking for Greeks or Mongolians.

So I tried the “Search” function of the first site I happened to be on — Napier City Council — and entered the word “Maori”. Here’s the result I got …

Not a Keyword
Sorry, the Keyword ‘Maori’ is not a keyword in the website. Please make sure you have spelt the keyword correctly.

Hmmm (after checking my spelling)!

So I did a little experiment to see just how difficult it might be to find out anything about Maori involvement with the three Councils.

First I tried the Search function at HBRC and Hastings. Unlike Napier, both served up multiple listings and links.

Then I tried to find reference to the formal Maori Committees that advise each Council … specifically looking for access to meeting agendas and meeting minutes. Napier and HBRC provide both items going back several meetings. Hastings provides meeting agendas, but I was unable to locate any minutes.

And I must say, if you don’t know these committees exist in the first place, none of the sites make them terribly visible.

Finally, I tried to find contact information for the members of the Maori Committees. All three Councils identify the members, but only Hastings provides email addresses for them. Napier and HBRC provide no contact info for these individuals. I guess they aren’t meant to be contacted.

All in all, Maori interests don’t receive much attention on Council websites. Maybe the assumption is simply that Maori don’t have computers or online access. Or that they have no interest — or no unique interest — in Council affairs.

But, Maori do have a unique interest and role. At a time when Maori themselves seem to be debating how they should engage Councils, and champions of amalgamation are debating dedicated seats for Maori, the issue of the “Maori-friendliness” of Council websites might deserve a bit of attention.

Tom Belford

P.S. After writing the above, I thought I’d check the District Health Board site. Using “Maori” to Search indeed surfaces plenty of information specifically directed at Maori needs and interests — DHB is the hands-down winner in this regard. On the other hand, although I did locate a “Maori Relationship Board” with identified members, there was no contact info for these individuals … nor was there any documentation of the Board’s activities. If the Board does anything, you wouldn’t know it from the DHB website.

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  1. Tena koe Tom

    Funny you have hit on something every Maori in this rohe is well aware of – we as Maori are invisible.

    If you get to the committees – you would find much tokenism.

    I have attended many marae/hapu/iwi meetings – the concerns raised are water, sewerage, coastlines, beaches, fishing, roads, developments, rates, educations, violence, health, air quality to name a few.

    It would be very interesting to know the number of Maori employed by HDC or NCC or HBRC, in proportion to the general population – do the sums. There appears no interest or knowledge of who or what we are about.

    My personal view is racism is alive and well and living in Heretaunga / Hawke's Bay.

    Rose Mohi

  2. Morena Tom

    Quote from my Mother after reading this article.

    " The only time Maori are considered in Council matters is when they want to take your land"

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