The March edition of BayBuzz Digest has been published. Watch for it in your letterbox or at local cafes & shops.

With the reinstatement of the elected DHB Board members, this edition has a special focus on health, including the following articles (click on titles to read):

Ngahiwi Tomoana – Waiora, the Aqueous Soul

Robin Gwynn – The System Is Stuffed

Marie Dunningham – Grey Power on Health

Elizabeth Sisson – Maori Take Charge of Health

Tom Belford – What Next for Health Board?, No Case for Sacking, and Affidavits and Such (here’s your exclusive access to materials from councils’ lawsuit against David Cunliffe)

Plus a special BayBuzz Survey on Health Issues you can take online here.

Other writers and topics:

Ewan McGregor – The Value of Rural Landscape

Mark Sweet – The ABC’s of Soil

Liz Remmerswaal – Protecting the Mohaka

Tom Belford – Trust … A Quaint Concept?

Tom Belford – Alan Dick Takes the Chair

Katherine Edmond – Q&A with Martin Edmond

Mark Sweet — The Romance of Wine II

Brooks Belford – Hastings Festival of Writers

Plus BayBuzz BrainFood – stimulating events on the Bay’s March calendar.

Don’t forget to take the BayBuzz Health Survey!

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