We’re talking REALLY fast food here, folks.

BayBuzz sneaks away for two weeks at Waimarama and look what happens to the Havelock Road entrance to HN!

This is the price we pay if we are not eternally vigilant.

Interviewed in the VIP lounge of the new eatery, Hastings Council manager of fast food licensing, Barbara Q. Burger, said: “We’re tired (gulp) of complaints that HDC puts too much red tape (gulp) in the way of progress. In 2010, we’re striving for a goal of same-day (gulp) processing of all Council consents. What better way to demonstrate our (gulp) speed than to fast track a fast food outlet?”

“Photo” courtesy of Pierre du Toit at Fat Parrot Architecture Hawke’s Bay.

Thanks for spotting the golden arches for us, Pierre.


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  1. iam so sorry to see a fat farm in your area. while traveling in your country it was like being in southern california when i grew up, them came fast food and develoment and the rest is history.i look forward to comming back to new zealand.cheers don gilbert

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