Regional Councillor Ewan McGregor is concerned about the lack of interest citizens have shown so far in the HBRC’s current budget consultations.

With HBRC holding another public session scheduled for Thursday, May 8, 5:30pm at the Hastings Council Chambers, he asked BayBuzz to post the following message:

Hi Tom. At the Regional Council’s Annual Plan consultancy meeting on Thursday evening in Napier just two constituents turned up. This of course can only be taken as proof of total satisfaction by the people of Napier with the performance of the HBRC. I suspect that there are a few of your readers who would be horrified if I was to draw the same conclusion in respect to the people of Hastings. There’s plenty of room in the Hastings D C council chamber for a big turn out at our meeting on Thursday the 8th at 5.30 p.m. Would you kind enough to post this comment?

Happy to oblige, Ewan. Baybuzz would like to see more public participation too.

But perhaps only two people showed up in Napier because they were the last to hear what Neil Kirton, Regional Councillor from Napier, actually thinks of mere citizens. According to his recent comments, they’re blathering idiots. The rest of his constituency probably figures, “Why bother?”

See his full remark for yourself here at BayBuzz … we have drafted the politically deft Councillor Kirton as this week’s Guest Buzzmaker.

But don’t worry, after this initial week of fame, Councillor Kirton’s comments will survive forever on the internet.

Meantime, join me at the HBRC session on Thursday. Personally, I’m looking forward to blathering at Councillor Kirton, but I suspect the odds are against him showing up.


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