I hope you’ve taken a look at the 100 90 Top Buzzmakers. And maybe given some thought to nominating a few more to give us a full one hundred.

Meantime, from the current BayBuzz Digest, here are some other exceptional people to meet.

We asked Mark Sweet and Pat Magill to suggest some people who make a special contribution toward meeting the social welfare needs of our community. Mark really struggled with this assignment … as he would emphasize, for each individual he and Pat singled out, they could have named ten more whose public service is outstanding. But here in Unsung Heroes is a start.

Roy Dunningham took the assignment of calling attention to Bay artists whose work he has especially enjoyed over the past year. Read Ten Hawke’s Bay Artists to Enjoy to see how your tastes compare.

And Tim Gilbertson explores the whole notion of those most special people — our heroes. Tim starts down the path of “we don’t make them like we used to.” But he eventually comes forward with a nomination in Looking At the Stars. Do you agree?

Tom Belford

P.S. Don’t forget to send us your nomination (s) for the final ten Top 100 Buzzmakers of Hawke’s Bay. Just send the name(s) with a sentence or two of background to nominee@baybuzz.co.nz

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