For our digital readers, here are more articles from the Nov/Dec issue of BayBuzz magazine.

In Earthquake Released More Than the Earth’s Strain, Michael Fowler offers another entertaining look at the historical Hasting-Napier rivalry.

Janet Luke introduces us to the possibilities of urban gardening in Chickens Are the New Black.

A new business with huge export potential launches in Whakatu, as described by Keith Newman in UHT Processing Plant Adds Value.

In My Voice, My Choice, BayBuzz looks at ambitious new online initiatives launched by the Hastings District Council to encourage public engagement around pending issues.

Plus more ideas and opinions …

From the Chamber’s Murray Douglas, the aspirations of Business Hawke’s Bay in Toward a 21st Century Economy.

From designer David Trubridge, an argument for cultivating our own business style, in We Have Our Own Answers Here.

From educator Claire Hague, the challenges of bringing new technology to the classroom, in Educating Our Digital Natives.

And reporting on the Hawke’s Bay arts community …

Roy Dunningham answers ‘what is good art?’ in The Good, the Bad and the Beautiful.

Kay Bazzard interviews some key players in our art community in Voices of Art in Hawke’s Bay.

Finally, don’t forget, you can ‘page through’ the latest edition of BayBuzz, just as it appears in print, using our flash online reader here.


Tom Belford

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  1. After reading the script under the heading "humour" at the back of your latest edition how on earth do you expect the two Bay cities to unite printing garbage such as that. I suggest if we want to see a united HB as I do that isn't the track to to take and if this is an indication of the style adopted to date no wonder Napier dosen't want to share its toys.

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